Tinkering With Perfection

leafsThe Toronto Maple Leafs are getting a new uniform. The new jersey will be unveiled next month at the NHL All-Star Game in Dallas. We're being assured the changes will represent a "modernization" of the logo rather than a dramatic redesign.

I hate it when they mess with our jerseys. They do it every once in a while to sell more merchandise. I remember when silver joined blue and white and of course the maple leaf used to look quite different than it does today. They've already gone pink but they were smart enough to keep those jerseys in the shops and off the ice.

The thing is, we've got the best uniform on the planet. Sports Illustrated has us at #6 overall, and although they're off by five, their synopsis is spot on.

Blue and white are winter colors, and nothing says old time hockey quite like that crest. Just looking at it makes you want to put on the foil.

Next month, that crest will be altered. I won't judge the new design until I see it, but I'll be sitting on pins and needles until then.

Some things shouldn't change.

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Hey Mike I was just discussing this with my nephew this afternoon. He is a skeptic. Do you have a source for this info I can forward to him.

December 2, 2006 @ 10:03 PM

Mike Boon

You mean, he doesn't believe me when I say our jersey is changing? This saddens me.

I read it in today's Star. I would have linked to it, but I'm boycotting links to the Star b/c of their crap URIs. Search thestar.com for the article entitled "Leaf Nation braces for logo change".

December 2, 2006 @ 10:13 PM


Thanks Mike, I found the link easy enough. What is even more sad than his skeptism is that he is not a Leaf fan, but his loyalty is to the Flyers:(

December 2, 2006 @ 11:00 PM

Mike Boon

That is sad. If you're going to root for a team that hasn't won a Stanley Cup during your lifetime, you might as well root for the home team. That way, when they win, you can join the parade.

December 3, 2006 @ 9:46 AM

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