Ten Entries That Mattered in 2006

lightningThis is my 1588th entry of 2006. Below are ten that mattered.

The 17th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas Show - I've said it before and I'll say it again, this was the most fun you can have on a Saturday morning without taking your clothes off. Humble and Fred hadn't broadcast together since August 2005 and when we all got together at Dan Duran's house to record the Christmas podcast it was like that scene on the roof of Moe's when the B-Sharps sang together one last time.

My Ten Favourite Song References to A Canadian Place - Inspired by a question on Ask Metafilter I hit up my collection for Canadiana and threw together this list. My blood, sweat and tears soak these ten tunes.

When Parkdale-High Park Went Orange, An Analysis - Ok, maybe I'm not a particularly good political blogger, but I was in the eye of the storm for a couple of elections that showed a decisive move to the left for me and my neighbours.

My YouTube Favourites - At the time I put this entry together, all the videos I linked to were actually online. Today, many have been yanked for copyright violations. Still, I was proud of this effort and a little slice of YouTube I carved out for my fellow Canadians.

Humble Howard, Are You Okay? - Written on a whim one night after detecting a blip in this site's referral log, about 400 people chimed in and this entry became the indisputed de facto home page for those wondering what the hell happened to Humble Howard Glassman. Since then, Howard and I have become great pals, I set him up with a blog of his own, I helped put their podcast online, I've flown his plane and our families have literally broken bread together. I'm glad I wrote that entry and had the Google juice to make it dance.

Hurry Up And Wait - At the time this was merely my observations after visiting the St. Joseph's Health Centre emergency room. I realized it was a series of long waits as opposed to one long one, but it was still a lengthy trip. Months later, St. Joe's was in the news for their zero wait time policy and were hailed as a model for those hospitals who couldn't keep their emergency rooms open. A nurse at St. Joe's printed this entry of mine and posted it on a bulletin board to clarify how they can make such an absurd claim.

A Homemade Hallelujah! - I was and am obsessed with this Gord Downie cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". There's no official release, so when I offered to email my copy of the song which was ripped from the Saint Ralph DVD, the response was and is intense. I'm not alone in my search for a quality MP3 of this song. Hopefully, one day, there's an official release. Maybe this entry will help make that happen.

The Tragically Hip at Fort York - 38 Years Old, a stellar playlist, a beautiful night in downtown Toronto and killer acoustics made this night one I'll never forget.

Hail Hail Pearl Jam - I attended the Pearl Jam show the night before which was the tour opener, but this concert the next night blew that one away. The vibe, the band and the entire ACC energy was electric. I just feel sorry for those who attended night one and not night two.

100 Wedding Songs - My brother Steve got married in 2006. I got to create the wedding playlist. I took the job very seriously.

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