Maple Leafs 2, Thrashers 5

LeafsThis sucks. Another third period lead blown, another loss, another pathetic effort from the blue and white. That's five straight losses.

I'm trying to remember the last time we put in a solid sixty minute effort. A glance at the standings this morning is alarming. We're seventh in points but when you consider the extra games we've played we're closer to 11th or 12th. Our hopes for a return to the playoffs this season are fading quickly. Jean-Sebastien Aubin, you're my only hope.

Current Record  Last Games Season Leaders
31 points
Tied for 3rd in Northeast
5-2 Loss vs. Atlanta
4-3 SOL vs. Montreal
5-0 Loss vs. Atlanta
D. Tucker - 26
T. Kaberle - 25
B. McCabe - 24

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