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tvI was pretty young when John Lennon was murdered. I shared my memories of that day last year. I remember sort of understanding what it all meant and realizing that many of the adults around me were upset about this loss.

In survey after survey "Imagine" is honoured as one of the greatest song in the history of popular music. There's no doubt it's something special. On this day, twenty six years after his senseless death, we can still imagine.

Here are the other videos covered in this continuing series.

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It's funny... on the Humble site I just recalled my grade 6 recollection of finding out about John Lennon. Even to an eleven year old it was still a 'significant event'. And yes.. one that I recall with uncanny vivid detail these 26 years later. It's funny that you recall a coat rack - I recall sitting in class discussing it with Debbie Stables. She was wearing a yellow shirt that day.

Sometimes I wonder if she remembers the event the same way that I do.

December 8, 2006 @ 8:27 PM

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