December Arrives

christmasBefore James arrived almost five years ago, I didn't really get into the Christmas spirit until the 23rd or 24th of December. With a couple of kids talking about Santa every day, it seems there's now a solid six week ramp up to the big day. Other than taking them to the parade, I wasn't going to feed their frenzy until we hit December.

It's now December. The lights are up outside the house and even the look of this site is festive. James and Michelle are counting down the days on their Advent Calendars and they're off to meet the big guy himself on Sunday. It's only December 1 and already the Grinch DVD is out and in use and we're making plans to borrow A Christmas Story which inspired the quote at the top of this page.

The miracle of Christmas might be that these kids have made this season fun again. Expect lots of holiday themed links, videos and audio throughout the month. To get things started, here's my little brother Stephen and I sitting on Santa's lap in the very late 70s. Yes kids, I was alive in the 70s.

Long Ago...

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