Go Habs Go?

nhlI hate to admit it, but I'm rooting for the Habs tonight. They're hosting the Sabres who are 8-0-0 out of the gate. Back in 1993-1994 the Toronto Maple Leafs set the NHL record by going 10-0-0 to start the season. If your memory of that tenth win is a little hazy, you're forgiven. Something else happened that night.

If the Sabres beat Montreal tonight and the Islanders Thursday, they'll tie our record. Of course, we had to win ten outright without a shootout to fall back on. The Sabres have won a few games in the shootout, games that would have been ties back in 1993. The NHL won't put an asterisk next to the record, so we're stuck cheering for the Canadiens.

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I should watch that game tonight just because I have a friend who's a Sabers fan. Poor girl...

October 23, 2006 @ 2:46 PM

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