Am I Fanatical?

tvPeace Point Entertainment Group is producing a brand new Canadian television series called “Fanatical” about obsessive fans of television shows. It's going to air on TVtropolis and one episode will be based on "The Simpsons". I know this because I've been in discussions with the producers about being one of the three featured fans in this episode.

Jennifer found me via Google and we began exchanging emails and phone calls. I've actually been trying to convince her that there are bigger fans out there for her camera crew to exploit but they've already got their collector and Math prof and now they're looking for the father who encourages his kids to watch and gets all trivial about the show with his bros. Apparently, I'm that guy.

They've asked for a day when they'll film a day in the life. That sounds awfully boring to me. I'll have to do lots of interesting things that day. "After my morning run, I like to serve breakfast at the mission. Then, it's another run, Simpsons and philosophy debates with the kids and the building of new deck / garage / treehouse." Yeah, that sounds plausible. I'm sticking with that as my typical day in the life.

There's no guarantees yet that I'm the "Fanatical" guy, but it's looking quite promising. 18 years of worship and lessons from the master are finally starting to pay dividends.

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So, are you filming with them? Also, when will the episode air?

November 28, 2006 @ 9:33 AM

Mike Boon

Time for an update. The plan was to film me with my kids playing Simpsons trivia with my brothers. One of my brothers refused to participate. Eventually, they went with a guy who had an enormous memorabilia collection and I'm no longer featured.

November 28, 2006 @ 9:38 AM

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