Star P.M., A Test Drive

newspaperThe Toronto Star introduced Star P.M. today. To quote the Star P.M. page, it's "a free, downloadable afternoon daily newspaper in PDF format". At 4:27pm I received an email from the Star letting me know today's issue was ready for downloading. I decided to give Star P.M. a test drive.

The complete edition was 12 pages, so I downloaded it, printed it and threw it in my bag for the subway ride home. I got on the subway at St. George and started to read. I learned five more soldiers were injured in Kandahar, it's going to be 23° tomorrow, Castro's lost a lot of weight and the Pens have signed Malkin. There was more, but a great deal was fluff about how Rosie bored on The View, large fast food combos aren't good for you and web surfing on the job costs employers. By Runnymede station I had read every word which was perfect because I was getting off at Jane.

All in all I liked it. A tidy 12 page wrap up of the days events. It's certainly not hard hitting news and it just skims the surface, but that's probably the point. It's a brief overview so you know what to dig into that night.

We'll see what tomorrow's Star P.M. brings.

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