My Inadequate Battery Life Indicator

iriverMy iRiver H10 gets me to and from work every day. On road trips, it's plugged into my FM transmitter providing the tunes. It's great, but I have one issue with it.

The battery life remaining is measured by three bars. For hours and hours and hours all three bars will be solid, giving me comfort there's plenty of juice left. Then, when one bar drops and we're down to two, it's already too late. Within the next twenty minutes I'll be S.O.L.

The purpose of this feature is to let you know when you should recharge the battery so you're not left without fuel. It simply doesn't work because there's so little time between two bars and empty. To be safe, you need to preemptively recharge while all three bars are solid. That's like driving a care without a fuel gage.

Other than this annoyance, she's fantastic. When above ground, I freely toggle between MP3s and FM radio. Can you do that with your iPod?

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