Five Years Removed

wtcMy generation wasn't alive for Pearl Harbour, the Bay of Pigs invasion or the assination of JFK. We have no memories of Viet Nam or Watergate. We were too young to appreciate the social impact of the murder of John Lennon and the lingering Cold War. Five years ago today, however, we were witness to a catastrophic event we will never forget.

We're five years removed from 9/11. I previously revisited that fateful day in this 9/11 entry from February 2003, this recollection on the third year anniversary in 2004 and this observation about the nature of time.

I'll never forget the fear I felt that day. We didn't know what would happen next, when to expect the next strike or whether life would ever return to a semblance of normal. I'm happy to report that life has returned to a semblance of normalcy. As I've stated before, you can't kill spirit and you can't destroy hope. We're living proof of these facts.

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