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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

Rants & Raves:

1. Evgeni Malkin wants to play in the NHL but his team & superiors have signed him for another year in Russia. WHY?
2. Jacques Villeneuve parts ways with his Formula 1 team - WHY again? He took the $ for a team that has no idea of racing (his own words). Move on Jacques & go to NASCAR as Paul Tracy should.
3. Our Jays are dieing fast. 2 starting pithchers & that's it. Next year. Mr. GM your time is up. MR. GILLICK where are you? Can't compete when it's time.
4. The Maple Laffs - what have we done is the post season. a couple of defensemen but nobody up front. Raycroft a backup goalie. Who's on first?
5. The weather - 2 major storms in the past 2 weeks & the winds are starting again now with rain forecasted tonight.
6. The Baseball trading deadline last week is a JOKE - players are moving still today - waivers because of hefty contracts.
7. ARGO'S - Mr. Austin your were the scapegoat with what players you had due to injuries. Not your fault. Where is the scouting staff?
8. I still have my family & that's my RAVE.
9. It's the long weekend & I'm enjoyin' it.


1. I'm guessing the Metallurg Magnitogorsk wanted mondo cash to release Malkin. It sounds like the Penguins will have to wait one more year.
2. I think Villenueve will end up in Nascar next year. He can DNF there for a while.
3. The Jays are done. If Gillick won't come home, we'll see if Bryan Colangelo wants the gig.
4. Who will score for the Leafs? There's Mats and... Yikes. Look for half the goals to come from the blue liners.
5. The Star says it's getting windier in the GTA, and I think they're right. The thing about wind is that it totally blows.
6. Does this mean it's not to late to trade A.J.?
7. Austin got a raw deal. Did they think our 63 year old quarterback was so invincible no decent backup was required?
8. Family rules.
9. Thank you Lord Simcoe, whoever you are.

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