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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

Mon dieu!
Gott in Himmel!!
Etc. etc, etc.

What an absolutely FABULOUS storm last night here in jolly ol' Snelgrove. While all I hear around me is the whinge and whine of whittering neighbours, I'm ogling the incredible darkness desperately awaiting that next awesome flash and spell-binding fork of lightning! Odd - so much lightning - but so little thunder! My heart is louder than the expected cacophony I want to hear. The rain lashes at times, but is, in the main, quiet and tremulous - hiding in the shadows of the magnificent clouds.

Man - I love thunderstorms! Yeah, I know, they're dangerous and destructive - but not as d-n-d as good ol' Homo Sapiens, eh?

And so much more impressive!

      Papa Tango

Papa Tango, you nailed the proverbial nail on the head. It's anger as beauty. I was thinking the same thing while peering out my window last night. It's all so dangerous but totally captivating. It was so dark, so windy and so quiet, but there was a brilliant light show that we Homo Sapiens just can't mimic.

It was a great storm and today we enjoy sweet relief from the heat. I'd say it's worth a little danger for a win-win like that.

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