She's Two!

birthdayHow can it be that my little girl turns two years old today. I remember watching her birth so recently. I remember those exciting days when she started to walk, began to talk and actually grew hair. She started off so small, a little lump you could literally hold in the palm of your hand. Her growth was so gradual, I hardly realized the transformation until I revisited those precious photos I took of her first months on this earth. Today, my Michelle is two, whether I believe it or not.

birthThis was Michelle on July 29, 2004. Throughout your life, there are days that you never forget. Some are bad, some are good. This was a very good day that I can recount with delicate precision as if it was yesterday.

Here's a crash course on what transpired during those crazy beautiful days in July 2004.

1st BirthdayThis is Michelle days after her first birthday. She was always ahead of the curve. Referencing this update, I can tell you she was walking and talking, well on her way to becoming an actual person. In the weeks before her first birthday, she even grew some hair.

In the coming months she'd start questioning things, taught me a thing or two and forced me to look up the meaning of the word "joy". It was a very good year, full of exciting milestones and without a single dull moment.

birthdayThis is Michelle last weekend. Today, she's an energetic, courageous little spark plug. When we go to the park, she heads straight for the big slide and doesn't need any help climbing up or sliding down. She strings together complete sentences and can converse on the phone. She has a great sense of humour, loves life and her big brother who's always looking out for her. In a word, she's amazing.

And now she's two. Happy Birthday sweetie. Thank you for curing all that ails with a flash of those big blue eyes, a big hug and a kiss. Daddy's very proud of his little girl. Daddy's very lucky.

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