Pauly Shore Is Dead

A Movie ReelPauly Shore Is Dead: 4.5 out of 10.

I have a theory. I call it my theory of relativity. I hope that title isn't taken.

My theory is that the enjoyment you get from a movie is directly related to your expectation level going into a flick. If you're not expecting much of anything but you get a bit of something, you look back upon the movie watching experience favourably. If you have lofty expectations and the movie doesn't measure up, you're dissapointed and harsh in your review.

A perfect example is my perception of "Pauly Shore Is Dead" compared to my review of "Wedding Crashers". I gave "Wedding Crashers" 5 out of 10 and here I am giving "Pauly Shore Is Dead" 4.5 out of 10. Is it really that close? The answer is no. I had high expectations for "Wedding Crashers" and felt it didn't measure up. I had no expectations for "Pauly Shore Is Dead", but found it surprisingly edible. In reality, "Wedding Crashers" was a far better and funnier movie than "Pauly Shore Is Dead", but my theory of relativity (patent pending) cannot be denied.

Besides, there was a Michael Madsen cameo, and that's pretty cool.

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