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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

Have you ever had a situation whereby you thought you had a close friend(s) & when you needed him or her they weren't there.

Such is the case with myself with 2 very close friends & their families the last year with deaths in my Immediate family & they weren't their for support. Feeble excuses.

I heard Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan) on the way home from work & it hit the nail on the head. The lyrics opened my eyes.

Listen to the words - Do I forward these lyrics to these people.

I'm debating. My heart or my head?


It's funny, but I've been thinking similar thoughts lately. You won't know who's a real friend until you're in trouble. Fair-weather friends are a dime a dozen. A true friend through the rough patches is a far rarer gem.

In regards to your question, the lyrics are spot on, but I wouldn't send them. They've done you a favour. Now you let sleeping dogs lie.

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The more I listen to the song (I downloaded it), the more it frustrates me. Letting sleeping dogs lie is the right thing but when 1 of the families asks us to do favours for them (frequently) we usually give in. Maybe it's because my wife & I have a heart for others & I'm getting to the point where enough is enough. We have asked them for favours as well & usually they have feeble excuses.
Friends are a dime a dozen but TRUE friends are 1 in a million.


July 28, 2006 @ 10:37 PM

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