Whitney's Fuckin' Right!

tvI mentioned I watched the post-game celebration the other day as Hurricane after Hurricane took their turn with the Stanley Cup. I watched the CBC feed and took note of the "Fuckin' Right" Ray Whitney yelled when he hoisted the mug. It was raw emotion upon reaching a difficult goal and it somehow seemed appropriate. Fuckin' right indeed.

NBC aired the comment as well and you can watch it here. As discussed in the blue, Dubya recently signed legistlation that would increase the maximum fine dropping the F-bomb to $325,000 per station. That's about a $30 million buck fine to NBC for Whitney's remarks.

I think it's hilarious they come down so hard on dirty words in the States. A couple of years ago I wrote about the punishment doled out to Dale Earnhardt Jr. for saying It don't mean shit right now. Daddy's won here 10 times." Aren't there bigger fish to fry? Isn't it time we loosen up on the these seven words everybody knows?

If you can't exclaim "fuckin' right!" in the moments following a Stanley Cup victory, the terrorists have already won.

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