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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

Well I thought it might be time for a reminder that the MuchMusicVideoAwards came and went again without much of a Bang!. Sure I like an awards show as much as the next guy, if its music even better. But Much Music really gave me no incentive to even notice it's event again this year. Being a member of the "Touch Much" concile sure does a hell'a bean. Can't say I tuned in for the Show so don't think I witnessed what I referring to. I just knew it wasn't something I would be interested in. That said I'll probably take in 5-10 concerts this summer. wassup? NotMuch

      Coach Carter

There were enough promos to ensure we knew it was on, but I still didn't feel compelled to tune in. I played Trivial Pursuit outside on a glorious hot night and then I watched one helluva movie.

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