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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

This past Monday, May 29th, after a trip to the local Rogers Video store to return some movies my boyfriend and I had rented ("Big Fish" being one of them) by the 11:00 p.m. deadline, we returned shortly after and were about to go in my building when I saw something by the dumpster. I stood near the door while my boyfriend went to check it out and said it was a hamster cage. I said I guessed the hamster had died. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted the cage and I gave him a look that said 'what am I going to do with a hamster cage?'. Having not owned a hamster since I was a little girl and having experienced the passing of my adopted 10-year old American Cocker Spaniel not even 6 weeks ago, I intended my 10-year old Peachface Lovebird to be my only pet. My boyfriend and I were about to head back in the building when I decided to take a look at the hamster cage myself. I leaned down and thought I saw two baby hamsters inside, but it was only one adult hamster, which I assumed was dead. My boyfriend picked up the cage so we could get a closer look, the bottom dropped out and the hamster fell out onto the ground very much alive. It had been curled up sleeping. My boyfriend and I couldn't believe our eyes or comprehend how someone could leave such a defenseless animal out there like that, in the heat no less. I was amazed but relieved there was food and water for it. My boyfriend picked up the poor little guy, put him back in his cage and I carried him up to my apartment. I composed a note to post to the person(s) responsible. I said that there are animal rescue groups/shelters/humane societies for such things and they should be ashamed. It's hard to know some people don't care about animals, abandon their pets so easily and think they are disposable (literally). They don't understand the importance of responsible pet ownership and don't deserve to have them.


Your glass is half empty. You scored a free hamster!

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