You Can't Kill God

tvThe Camdens, a Christian family living in California, have been in our face for a decade. Perhaps they haven't been in your face, but they've been in mine. I live with a fan of their televison show.

I'm not going to lie, I've seen a number of episodes from the first two seasons of "7th Heaven". Taryn was watching them on DVD and they weren't bad enough to chase me away. My rule is simple, "7th Heaven" before the twins is acceptable, "7th Heaven" after the twins is not.

Tonight is the series finale of "7th Heaven", or is it? Just when we thought it was done comes a rumour that the new CW network might revive it for one more season. Matt and Mary might be coming back tonight prematurely. We might be doing this all again next year.

Killing God isn't easy.

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