Why Bother?

MoviesThere was a time when I would look forward to the summer blockbusters. There might be a new Raiders of the Lost Ark or a highly touted big-budget gem like "Jurassic Park". There was actual anticipation for these flicks.

Those days are long gone. I rarely look forward to a movie these days, and summer promises the worst of the worst. The A.V. Club's 2006 Summer Movie Preview gave me an opportunity to check out all the upcoming summer releases. "The Da Vinci Code" could be good, and I hope it's good, but otherwise I have little interest in any of them.

As the A.V. Club so aptly put it, why bother?

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I have actually come to realize most of the movies we make just suck. When I checked the summer schedule of movies coming out I was very disappointed. We've got remakes and more remakes( Superman; The Poseidon Adventure; The Omen). Even our horror movies are remakes of Japanese originals. We've got teen comedies full of fart jokes, and to top it off we can look forward to sequels.
Are we out of ideas for good movies? I think I'll be spending my summer watching the old classics.

May 3, 2006 @ 11:34 PM

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