Unparalleled Argo Buzz

argosI've lived in this city for 31 years and I've never felt this type of buzz for our football team. The closest was probably when we signed Rocket Ismael out of Notre Dame, but it wasn't quite like this Ricky Williams vibe that's gripping Toronto right now. This is just awesome.

Everyone wants to talk about the arrival of the NFL's best running back. In addition to his tremendous athletic skills I've read several articles about his person. His manner and perspective on life is so awesome not a single person who has met him has anything remotely negative to say about him. ESPN is covering Argo practices, talk radio is all about #27 and I'm sopping up everything I can find about the guy on the web. Call it a man crush if you like, but I'm totally jazzed about Williams suiting up for my Argos this season and I'll be there live to watch him make his CFL debut Friday night.

No NFL superstar has played in our league while in his prime, at least not during my lifetime. We're experiencing a near perfect storm here and the CFL is benefitting with some well deserved attention and respect. I was already back in the fold, but now I will recap every Argo game this season, paying particularly close attention to Ricky Williams. This is gonna be fun.

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I too am pumped about Ricky playing in T.O. this year. I'm a first time season ticket subscriber and it looks as if I picked the right year to buy them! BTW, do you think that when Joe Thighs Man said he was ashamed he ever wore the "A" on his chest that Americans might think, "what? Joe was an adulterer?" I mean really, does Joe really need to get all indignant here? This is probably one of the best things to happen to the league in a long time and he's raining on our parade. All he's really done is made himself look bad for talking without knowing the full truth.

May 31, 2006 @ 9:49 AM

Mike Boon

I thought Theismann was way out of line. It's so hypocritical. Firstly, there are numerous issues with NFL players and secondly, his criticism of the current Argo regime is missplaced.

He comes off as a real jerk.

May 31, 2006 @ 10:58 AM

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