The Great Mighty Machines Racket

teddybearWe can talk about the great shaving racket, but we should really be talking about the great Mighty Machines racket. "Mighty Machines" is a show my kids watch on Treehouse TV. It's the biggest scam going. They basically film construction crews at work, sanitary engineers collecting garbage, buses stopping at a bus stop, airplanes landing or whatever, throw a simple score over top and add a narrator. They package these things up under the title "Mighty Machines" and market it as kids entertainment, on TV, DVD, VHS or whatever.

Total cost of production? There's at least one camera involved, so you have to have a camera, tape and someone who knows how to work it. Then, there's a little editing involved and that voice over guy who tells you what the mighty machines are doing. That's about it. It has to be the least expensive show to prouduce in the history of television, at least after that yuletide log thing they show on Christmas morning in some markets.

They film "Mighty Machines" in Toronto, so if you see some guy holding a video camera while city workers repair a water mane, you're actually watching children's programming at its finest. Sneak on camera and you'll be on right after "Franklin".

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Well, as simple as it may be; my son LOVES this show and I dont mind paying up to 10$ a dvd if it makes him happy...Sounds like you are sore because you didnt think of it first :P

January 19, 2007 @ 4:14 AM

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