Rosie DiManno's Load of Nonsense

canadaThe other day, Rosie DiManno wrote this article for The Toronto Star. She argues that Edmonton is not Canada's team and will never be Canada's team. She writes, "the Oilers are, have always been, will always be, a near-exclusive Edmonton phenomenon."

I'm a life-long Torontonian and proud Canadian with no ties to Alberta whatsoever. As a life-long Torontonian, I bleed blue and white and cheer for the Leafs, Blue Jays, Raptors and Argos. When the Leafs are eliminated, and its happened every spring of my life, I don't naturally adopt the remaining Canadian franchises as mine. I've never cheered one second for the Habs or Sens. I wanted the Lightning to beat the Flames in 2004 because I wanted Dave Andreychuk to win and I rarely root for the Canucks. Having said all that, for the remainder of this year's Stanley Cup playoffs, the Oilers are my team.

Are you Canadian? Watch this. Ready to jump on the Oilers bandwagon with me? I thought so. Hell, if you're American you should click that link as well. There's plenty of room on board.

I've got chills. Damn that's awesome. DiManno is wrong. The Oilers are indeed Canada's team.

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Well, Mike, we all know that the Star has its nose firmly rooted up Toronto's arse and that NOTHING that is not in Toronto, or can be connected to it in any way, deserves consideration by that rag. Objectivity is not the Star's strong point - never has been.

DiManno has been foaming mightily at the mouth for a couple of decades now and frankly, I think it far too late for her to be able to change. (Given that to be successful at the Star, to remain there for any length of time, one has to buy wholly into its rah-rah persona, I wouldn't be surprised that DiManno and others of her ilk initially adopted the Toronto-first-last-and-only as a survival mechanism and now find their finer senses of discrimination, of thinking and writing in anything other than capital letters with STARS and GOSHs and WOWs, have atrophied)

May 29, 2006 @ 2:10 AM


Rosie and the other Toronto-centric elitists have always believed that Western values are not Canadian values. They criticized their politicians, now their hockey teams.
Watching Edmontonians sing the anthem like that shows me who truly reflects Canadian values.

May 29, 2006 @ 10:55 PM

Black canadians

It seems this women has a lot to say. She has her own personal view on almost everything.
As a Black Canadian in this counrty I would like to see if she can come up with an outstanding article based on this countries past and its future for black youth today
Febuary is right around the corner Ms Dimanno this will give you plenty time to research before opening your mouth on such a topic.
Black Canada would like to hear your view will it be fact or part of your fiction

November 14, 2006 @ 1:16 AM

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