Ricky Williams An Argo?

argosIf you believe this article on SI.com, Ricky Williams could very well be a Toronto Argonaut as soon as Monday. Apparently, the Miami Dolphins are set to give the suspended running back permission to sign a one-year deal with the Argos on the understanding that he would be released at the end of the season and return to the NFL club.

This is very cool. When was the last time a top-tier NFL star played in the CFL during his prime? In the early 90s we signed Rocket Ismail, but he came straight from Notre Dame and was unproven. Williams is 29 years old and from 2000 throgh 2003 he rushed for over 1000 yards a season, peaking at 1853 in 2002. This guy is good and I'd love to see him in Toronto. Sure he enjoys the wacky tobaccy, but he seems to be an intelligent, deep-thinker with an interesting and refreshing perspective on things. I suspect he and Pinball will hit it off.

While we're discussing great NFL running backs, here's a great montage of highlights from the best.


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