Playoff Pool: Day Twenty-Three

PuckThere are rumours on the internets that suggest Canadian hockey fans always root for the other Canadian teams in the playoffs if their team is eliminated. I'm a Leafs fan through and through, and I assure you this isn't true. I may adopt a team from the west for the playoffs, because they're Canadian based, but I will never, ever root for the Ottawa Senators or Montreal Canadiens.

I know Montreal is our historic rival, but over the past five or six years I've developed such a hate on for Ottawa that it has eclipsed my hate on for Montreal. The sweetest playoff victories over the past five seasons have been over the Sens, and there have been many. This season, I lived precariously through the Sabres and cheered loud and proud when Jason Pominville made Daniel Alfredsson look like a pylon, caught Wade Redden napping and beat Ray Emery to send the Sens to the golf course. Hell, yeah.

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