Playoff Pool: Day Thirteen

PuckMany are disappointed with Calgary's loss last night. Everyone wanted to see the battle of Alberta. Everyone, except me. I'm growing a little tired of Alberta. Who do they think they are? The centre of power in Canada has always been Ontario, but now Alberta has the money and the political power. No disrespect to Albertan visitors (Carter, Jomp, et al) but another battle of Alberta was more than I could stomach.

I feel better about banking on Dallas after watching the top four seeds fall in the West. When was the last time seeds 5-8 advanced? If I had to bet on a final, I'd bet on San Jose ~ New Jersey. If I had to bet on a winner in our pool, I'd take Ryan over Marc by a hair.

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Man, we are sore here in Calgary this week. I'm not too proud to cheer for the Oilers, I feel a kindred riotous spirit in my brethren Albertans. The battle of Alberta would have been a provincial match up that delivered the goods... I can't see why anyone would be against that, except the cops. Maybe we’ll still get our Canadian battle yet. Here’s to Alberta Vs. Ontario!! :)

May 5, 2006 @ 3:26 AM

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