Oh Ricky, You're So Fine...

argosWe've been preparing for the big Ricky Williams signing here in Toronto for a week now. There are loads of conflicting reports out there, but the fact is Williams has been in Toronto all week and he visited with the Argonauts yesterday, even watching a practice from afar.

If it were up to Ricky Williams, he'd be an Argo today. He wants to play this season in the CFL and he doesn't care about our drastically lower salaries. Right now, there are a couple of snags holding everything up. For starters, the Miami Dolphins haven't actually given the Argos permission to sign him. Furthermore, there are issues with the standard CFL contracts that could cause problems when the season ends and it's time for Ricky to return to Miami.

I'm really hoping this works out. I think Williams is an awfully cool dude with a wicked perspective on life. Hell, I'm jealous of this cat. With my buddy getting season's tickets it would be sweeter than sugar if I could watch Ricky run for the double blue. I've got my fingers crossed.

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