Cart Before The Horse

edgefestIn an effort to be fair and balanced I'd like to point out that CFNY Edge 102 is actively promoting July's Edgefest as Edgefest 2. You may recall I went off about the Edgefest line up the other day, releasing a yawn that was heard around the world.

There have been Edgefest 2s in the past, but they've always been announced some time after Edgefest 1. My incredible deductive logic tells me that there cannot be an Edgefest 2 without there also being an Edgefest 1. The announcement of another Edgefest is imminent.

Who wants to bet Billy Talent headlines again?

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Let's just hope Edgefest 1 is in Barrie where we can get get a decent sized crowd to finance some big acts.

May 5, 2006 @ 2:36 PM

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