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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

I CANNOT beleive what I just read. Females walking after a Male's hit. That rule sucks. Some females are better than male players (much as I disagree) but SOME are.

That is not ball, be it baseball of softball. You agree with letting females walk intentionally after a male hits -what is the reason to have a strong male come up & knock them all home? A FIXED LEAGUE with CRAP rules. Do your male players have gloves in the field or just the females?

Do the batters hit off TEES? Probably. I cannot beleive you agree with this rule. If I was any female I would not play in YOUR league. It's for WIMPS (YOU included - Mike).

DUBYA must make the rules for your league (with your input) - total BULL$%!+.

Have fun this year. Is Madonna your coach? Probably not as she is female & would get to 1st base everytime.


Methinks you're misunderstanding the rule and the reason for the rule. The female can choose to walk or hit only if the batter immediately before her was male and walked. Thanks to the wonders of the Interweb, you can read the official RSPA Slo-Pitch rules. The rule in question is 5-13.

I wouldn't say I agree with the rule, I just understand why it's there. The official slo-pitch rules followed by the Slo-Pitch National has a rule I far prefer and suggested to the RSPA commissioner. They give the male second base and force the female to hit.

This discussion has struck a nerve, so please leave your comments on this original entry. And please, don't call me a wimp. It's not nice.

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