The Canadian Tire Guy

Canadian TireFor eight years I've been fascinated with the Canadian Tire Guy and now he's gone. Canadian Tire has dropped the Canadian Tire Guy and his wife from their ads which means I won't be seeing his smiling face during Hockey Night in Canada anymore.

Everyone I know found Ted Simonett's portrayal of this neutared male annoying but I loved the spots. I couldn't wait to see what Mrs. Canadian Tire Guy was doing next or how Canadian Tire Guy would bumble something and be rescued by the Mrs. or how they loved to rub their tools in the neighbours face. I'd yell at the screen, get totally involved and anxiously await the next spot. Taryn can vouch for this strange obsession.

Once, while perusing the obituary column, I spotted a guy who looked just like him and freaked out. Upon confirming that it wasn't Simonett I cut out the obit and showed it to everyone I could think of. If I see a thin guy with a beard on the street or in a mall, I instantly label him Canadian Tire Guy. CTG brought me a great deal of joy over these past eight years.

I'm going to miss him.

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You know, people would always mention this "Canadian Tire couple", but I never really knews who they were. I could pass them on the street and wouldn't know it.

Then again, I never saw the GAP commercial that (allegedly) used that Lenny Kravitz tune it it...

March 13, 2006 @ 8:42 PM

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