I Shot A Man In Reno

Johnny CashI was listening to Go on CBC radio yesterday and they were discussing the best live albums of all time. One of the best live albums and one of my favourites is Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison, recorded January 13, 1968 at Folsom Prison in Represa, California. The opening track of that album is an amazingly energetic version of "Folsom Prison Blues".

My favourite part of that version of "Folsom Prison Blues" is when Cash sings "I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die." Immediately following the delivery of this line, the audience of prisoners let out a holler that adds a great amount of edge to the performance. I frickin' love that part, but as I learned yesterday, I've been duped.

That whoop was recorded that day and did come from Folsom Prison inmates, but it was added to that part of the song in post-production. Sometimes it's more fun when the wizard stays behind the curtain...

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