How TV Was Meant To Be Watched

tvOccasionally, I'll catch on to a television series too late. A good example occurred last year with the series "Lost". By the time I realized it was something I'd probably dig, they were a good four episodes deep and I refused to compromise. If I'm going to follow a series like that, I have to start at the beginning and watch the episodes in order.

Before "Lost", there was "24". By the time the critical acclaim sunk in and I was sold on watching, they were a few hours into the day and it was too late for me. With both "Lost" and "24", DVD is my salvation. If you exercise some patience and avoid spoliers on the web, you can watch tv the way it was meant to be watched.

It's glorious. There's no commercials and no waiting a week for new episodes. When we find the time, we're knocking down episodes of "Lost" one by one and thoroughly enjoying the journey. When we're done season one of "Lost", we'll tackle season one of "24".

No spoilers!!!

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