H5N1 2 B N NA B4 U NO IT

MedicalH5N1, the form of the bird flu virus we've been shaking in our boots about for the past year, could appear here in North America within six to 12 months. At least that's what Dr. David Nabarro believes, and he knows his stuff. He's the United Nations' top avian flu preparedness official afterall.

Wild birds will likely carry the virus from West Africa across the North Atlantic into the Arctic this spring. Migratory birds flying south for the winter will take it from there, spreading the virus into the rest of North America. Once I get word that this thing is here and spreading from human to human, I have a plan.

I'm gonna stockpile water and non-perishable food Y2K style and quarantine my family until we figure H5N1 out. So long as my internet connection holds out, I'll report my slip into madness here. This virus is for the birds.

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