And Then There Were Two

Blue JaysBack in May of 2003 I put together a list of those who played for our 1993 World Series winning team and were still active at the time. Not counting youngsters who didn't play in the playoffs, there were seven names on that list.

Yesterday, Al Leiter retired, ending his 19 year career. He's been around so long, we picked him up for Jesse Barfield. We then had to exercise a great deal of patience while he nursed blisters before he blossomed into a great starter. We then got screwed when he up and signed with Florida as an unrestricted free agent. Leiter was one of those seven names and now only two remain.

Pat Borders is a 42 year old trying to stick with the Los Angeles Dodgers while Mike Timlin is a 40 year old still pitching out of the bullpen for the Boston Red Sox. Borders and Timlin are all that remain in the majors from our last world championship.

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