Toronto Rocks!

CN TowerThere's surprisingly little about "Toronto Rocks" on the web. IMDB doesn't acknowledge its existence at all. I'm not referring to the 2003 AC~DC / Rolling Stones concert following SARS, there's a wealth of information about, I'm talking about my daily video show from the early 1980s.

My memories of "Toronto Rocks" are vivid. I can see the backdrop, I remember it was hosted by J.D. Roberts and I remember it aired every afternoon on City-TV. I wrote more about the program in November 2004.

J.D. Roberts, now known as John Roberts, has left CBS for CNN where he'll work as a senior national correspondent based in Washington. Should the CNN gig fail to work out, re-kindling the "Toronto Rocks" fires could be a natural next move. I'll be watching, hairspray in hand.

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A Canuck in Cali

I was just watching him on CNN reporting on the Immigrant Amnesty issues on the hill... it would seem so much natural if he still donned his leather jacket and mullet...

April 1, 2006 @ 1:32 PM

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