Targeting An Older Crowd

CBCI'm often watching CBC Newsworld at 22:00 EST. That's usually when they air "The Passionate Eye" or "Rough Cuts", two of my favourite documentary series. An overwhelmingly high percentage of the time it's something fantastic.

Taryn and I get a kick out of the advertisements that run during these shows. CBC Newsworld must assume the documentary-watching audience is 55+ because there are lengthy ads for products that are only of interest to the elderly. One popular ad is for a magnifying card that enlarges text for the visually challenged, another is for a stand-up shower for those afraid of falling and another is for a very cool compact electric wheelchair.

The sad thing is I now look forward to these ads. They remind me of "I've fallen and I can't get up" and "It's Patrick, he's bought life insurance." Those two golden oldies never got tired.

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