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VoteI've written quite a bit about Sam Bulte this month. It began with this entry, continued with this one and seemed to conclude yesterday with this one. Checking in on the news of the day has inspired me to write one more about my current MP.

In this Toronto Star article, Bulte was asked about whether it was right that she accept money raised at a recording industry fundraiser considering the fact she has worked on a copyright law. She said, "They are not hosting a fundraiser for me. ... It's a celebration of my support for the arts community."

As Michael Geist points out, Bulte's own website and brochures for this $250-a-plate get together clearly refer to it as a fundraiser. Accordion Guy is even sharing a screen capture of Bulte's site which refers to the event as a "FUNDRAISER" in red, capital letters. There's also the official invitation which calls it a fundraiser and clearly states "All funds raised will go to Sam's re-election campaign".

There's something rotten in the State of Denmark. She's insulting the intelligence of every one of her constituents. How can she tell Canada's most read newspaper that an event is not a fundraiser while promoting the fact it's a fundraiser all over her official web site?

Fellow Parkdale-High Park voters, I urge you to seriously consider NDP candidate Peggy Nash. Enough Bulte.

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