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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

Well only one day to go. I was hoping that people would start to take notice and change their opinion before a grave mistake is made.

What is more distubing, that is in my Ottawa area we are set to become covered in blue. This from an area that depends on federal jobs. As a husband and father of a young daughter my biggest fear is the set back for womens's rights. The conservatives will set them back 100 years and they might as well wear pilgrim hats.

Wake up Canada before it is too late!

      Mark from Ottawa

I emphasize with you, but I fear it's already too late. I don't sense a last-second-Hail-Mary-come-from-behind victory.

Here in Toronto proper, also known as the 416, it's still pretty red with a little orange here and there but the 905, a force in its own right, looks to be turning true blue. For what it's worth, women's rights should be preserved in full by a Conservative minority and if Harper veers too far to the right he won't get re-elected. The majority of this country is small "l" liberal and won't tolerate pilgrim ideals.

We'll let the general will take the test drive it desires and we'll do this all again in 18 months. With the right leader in place and the message signed, sealed and delivered in January 2006, we'll once again be the progressive, liberal-minded voice of reason in the world and the envy of open-minded, educated souls across the globe. Sit tight buddy, we're in this together and it's going to be okay.

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