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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

To the people of Canada,

I ask all of the clear thinking men and women to consider carefully the voting choice they will take tomorrow. This Federal election is potentially a disaster for the Canadian way of life if we permit the fanatics of a Harper led gang to form a government. This Conservative gang is NOT the same "progressive" minded Tories' like Joe Clark or Robert Stansfield of yesteryear.

What's at stake is clear and simple;

  • Womens rights,
  • Canadian involvement in Iraq,
  • National Medical Plan vs. Private Clinics,
  • Same Sex Relationships, (Read into that the protection of the Canadian Charter of Rights).
  • Canadian way of life over American pressure, the list is almost endless.

I will be watching the city of my birth during this election and I'm confident the Liberal minded people of Toronto will elect Liberal M.P's. In this matter I hope Ontario will make us proud tomorrow. I don't know if I believe in miracles but I hope the voters of Ontario will carry on the proud tradition of supporting the Liberal party since October 2003.

      The Leaf fan in B.C.

I share many of your sentiments. I do, however, wish to make a comment about strategic voting.

In 2004, I voted Liberal as a defensive maneuver to keep Harper out. I even wrote about how I couldn't vote NDP because a vote for the NDP was a vote for Harper. I've had a change of heart and mind regarding this strategy. I now realize it's important we vote for the MP we want representing our interests. If that's the Green Party, vote Green. If that's the NDP, vote NDP. We should all vote for who we want to win. I'm hopeful and confident that the majority of Torontonians share my values and will vote red, orange or green.

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