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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

WoW, Heavy news week, lets all do our best to keep this government in check while we all continue to voice ourselves on behalf of our country. This is an important time for Canadians to assert who we are, and what we expect from our Leader(s) and each other. Who else feels like its time to get real, and hold strong for the people of Canada&Quebec.

This on the same week as Super Mario calls it Game Over. Here's 6 fireworks to you & 1000000pts!
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I'm sure he'll be back in another sequel to save a princess or kill a dinosaur. ya no

Looking for a change of topic, Got 2 cents to give on New Music?? Why not say it on the SLS page? I like it! So many great new tunes its ridicules. Props to Mike on his 106 song recap; I wonder how many people didn't know of half of em', (or did)

- This is Coach C saying -

Calgary is a great city to live! Alberta is an awesome, welcoming, positive action kindof province; Calgary and Edmonton have the best crowds in the Land. Let's keep our Country in the highest working order! <Rattle some cages> and lets win Lord STANLEY and Madame GOLD for CANADA!



It takes more than a Conservative minority government to strip this nation of its excellence. I hear many good things about Alberta and I rooted for Gretzky's Oilers in the 80s. Gold in Turin, the Stanley Cup in Toronto and the ultimate demise of Bowser!

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