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Spending the last 4 days north west of Sudbury, the local newspapers (front page) & local news lead story was about Jane Creba & how Toronto has become a city with VERY LITTLE HOPE unless something is done now. Listening to local newscasts up north Toronto's tourism industry this summer will suffer greatly as people will travel elsewhere. Toronto - The murder capital of Canada. It seems to be getting that way. Gun laws MUST be changed & enforced to their fullest. This is one the reasons we moved 6 years ago. Todd Baylis was killed within walking distance of my former home & with 2 young kids at the time we decided to move on. Local, provincial & federal gov't (people with #@&&s) MUST act now. I will not get into racial profiling at this point - is there a link?

      twins from bolton

According to the Toronto Wikipedia page, our 2005 murder rate was 3.1 per 100,000. As recently as 1999 it was only 1.3 homicides per 100,000 people. By comparison, Houston had 13.4, Chicago had 15.65 and Washington, DC had 35.7 in 2004 while Manitoba had 4.27 murders per 100,000 people and Saskatchewan had 3.92.

3.1 murders per 100,000 people is still way too high for Toronto the Good. I'm not interested in racial profiling either, but I'm certain there's a link between gun violence and gangs. It's time we examine the reasons kids join gangs and realize there's work to be done in our communities to give our youth an alternative.

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