A Rooting Interest

SoccerThe World Cup draw took place today. I don't care about soccer, but the World Cup transcends the sport and even I pay attention. To make things interesting, however, I must have a rooting interest.

My go-to team, obviously, is Canada. Canada hasn't qualified for the World Cup in twenty years, so I'm used to going to my back-up, Ireland. This time Ireland isn't represented either, so I'm forced to go three deep and root for the Netherlands.

Canada is an obvious #1 and Ireland is an obvious #2, but where does the Netherlands come into play? I get numerous emails from the Dutch telling me how popular my name is there and asking me if I'm aware my name is Dutch. Boon, it seems, came to Ireland by way of Holland.

Joining Holland in Group C is Argentina, Ivory Coast and Serbia & Montenegro. I can hardly contain my enthusiasm.

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