State Of The Union

OttawaIt appears the government will fall in the new future, perhaps on November 28th, perhaps earlier. We'll probably be voting in January.

I think I feel similarly to the average Canadian. I'd like to punish the Liberal party, sending a message that their reign of arrogant power fertilizes corruption and we need a change in Ottawa. The big red machine has been in power too long and I'm not particularly happy with the overall health of this great country. We could be better. We should be better. We deserve better.

If I'm not to vote for my local Liberal MP, who does get my support? I loathe the Conservatives. The thought of Stephen Harper as my Prime Minister makes me cringe. A vote in that direction and I've sold my soul. Another alternative is Jack Layton's New Democratic Party. I see the allure, but a vote for Layton puts Harper at 24 Sussex Drive. This is where I'm at, and I'm certain I'm not alone.

I'm left to weigh my passionate dislike for Harper's Conservatives against my interest in sending Paul Martin a message that things need to change. For me, and I suspect many others, this is no contest. At the end of the day there is no alternative, despite how desperate for one we are. And they call it democracy.

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