Ryan's Skill

LightningRyan, it seems, has an uncanny ability to predict celebrity deaths. Since we drafted our little Dead Pool back in September of 2000, six of Ryan's 15 celebrities have passed on. That's not particularly impressive, both Steve and I could make the same claim, but Ryan has the two youngest celebrities to die in our pool on his list.

Ryan had Pat Morita on his list, and he died the other day at the age of 73. In our pool, you receive a score of 100 minus the celebrity's age at the time of their death. That gave Ryan 27 points when Miyagi died. 27 is the second highest point total received since we started this morbid contest, but it's a very distant second. Ryan also had Old Dirty Bastard who left us at the young age of 35. That's an incredible 65 points.

Needless to say, Ryan has a healthy lead over his two brothers. He currently has 152 whereas Steve has 78 and I'm last with 54. My Dead Pool doesn't only act as a home page for this contest, it also acts as a memorial to the famous and semi-famous who have bought the farm.

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