Lucky Me!!!

FrisbeeAt work, when we need to blow off steam or take our minds off of the wonderful world of software development, a bunch of us grab a frisbee or two and head to a nearby field to toss it around. We track the number of successful catches in a row and gage our daily performance by how high we can get that figure. And yes, we call it frisbee even though frisbee is a brand name and the generic term is actually "flying disc".

A few weeks ago, I hung up one of those perfect frisbee tosses that seems to hover for seconds at eye level right in front of your target. As this perfect throw was in mid-air, the recipient spontaneously declared "Lucky Me!!" The phrasing and pronunciation in that moment was awesome. Instantly, a new catch phrase was born. When you're the recipient of a perfect throw, you proclaim "Lucky Me!!" just prior to making the catch as a sign of props to the guy or girl who threw it to you. Writing "Lucky Me!!" doesn't do it justice, it needs to be said in just the right manner, staccato style with three harsh syllables and a slight drag on the meeeee.

Lately, I've found myself exclaiming "Lucky Me!!" in the world outside of frisbee. If I arrive home from work and am greeted by big hugs from the kids, it's "Lucky Me!!" If somebody surprises me with something good I wasn't expecting, it's "Lucky Me!!" If I win the weekly football pool, which I did a couple of weeks ago, it's "Lucky Me!!"

Here are a couple of unlucky frisbees...

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