Hip Fans Get It

The HipThe Buffalo News posted a review of Hipeponymous this morning. Hipeponymous is the box set released to celebrate twenty years of The Tragically Hip.

In this review, the Hip are compared to opera. Here's an excerpt:

Hip fans get it. Trying to explain just what "it" is to non-believers is a murky, tiresome affair. Which is where "opera" comes in. Breaking down the Hip's sound to its core tenets doesn't do it; the whole is clearly above and beyond the sum of its parts. But there is something in there, something elusive, that makes this music, this presentation, compelling in a manner that doesn't bow to rational thought. It's dramatic. And its impact is most directly felt in the marriage of theatrical presentation, sonic exploration, ever-present groove, and full-bodied poetic text that the Hip manages to lay down to tape in the studio, and then somehow expands upon in concert.

I get it. Do you?

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