OLP's Crappy DualDisc

CDI've got the new Our Lady Peace album "Healthy In Paranoid Times" and now I'd like to rip it to MP3. Once I have it in MP3 like the rest of my collection, I can hear it wherever I want in my iRiver and add it to playlists on my computers.

This cd is a DualDisc. That means one side of the disc is DVD which has high quality sound files but must be played in a DVD player and can't be ripped by my software and the other side has grossly inadequate sound files that play in a proprietary player and sound like junk when ripped with my software. This is the first DualDisc I've encountered and I hope it's the last.

Pearl Jam, a band I'm seeing Monday night, are releasing high quality DRM-free MP3s of their concerts the same night, a move I whole heartedly applaud as one that's extremely fan friendly. Our Lady Peace, meanwhile, is frustrating the hell out of this fan and leaving a sour taste in my mouth. I just want my music my way, dammit!

I don't yet know how the new album is, but I already doubt "Healthy In Paranoid Times" is worth the trouble.

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