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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry earlier today.

Happy Birthday to Zander and Michelle!!!

Michelle is awesome. Zander is amazing. I too cannot believe what took place one year ago today. Two beautiful children were brought in to this world mere hours apart. I'ts actually more baffling than the thought of two phenomenal talents like Cobain and Grohl meeting at such a young age and forming a band. One word comes to mind: Fate!

I love you Zander. I'm sure mike will have some way to store all these guest blogs so you can read them in about 5 years.


The files that comprise this web site have been backed up six ways to Sunday, so they'll absolutely be available to Zander and Michelle when they're old enough to appreciate all the nice things we're saying about them. Michelle, Daddy loves you very, very much. Zander, Uncle Mike wanted you to be a Xander but lost that battle. Still, I'm sure we'll attend plenty of Jays games together and play many a game of catch in open fields throughout Toronto. There's only one first birthday, I hope you're both enjoying the day.

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