Daylight Saving Solution

ClockThere's great debate today over the time. It looks as if our giant neighbour to the South will be extending Daylight Saving Time and many Canadians feel we have to follow suit or suffer mass confusion. This is the perfect time to revisit my Daylight Saving Solution which I first proposed on this very page back in October 2003.

I proposed we make Daylight Saving Time the new Standard Time and keep it there. To quote myself:

We've essentially taken an hour of sunlight we'd experience in the evening and moved it to the morning. Wouldn't it be more beneficial for our society to keep that hour of sunlight in the evening where it can be enjoyed? Does anyone really care if there's light at 7am?

We first introduced Daylight Saving Time during wartime as an effort to conserve fuel needed to produce electric power. It's time we stay there. The average citizen is no longer a farmer who follows the sun's lead in determining an appropriate hour to wake up and go to sleep. Typically, we're working from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, and Standard Time is no longer our best option. I suggest that when we return to Daylight Saving Time in April 2004, we stay there. Just say no on October 26, 2004. Help me spread the word.

We now have the opportunity I've been hoping for. Lets let the USA tinker with this old formula while we boldly go all the way and lose the time change completely. Time has passed the concept by...

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