A Question of Naming Convention

Question MarkI simply can't make up my mind. I proudly maintain this alphabetical list of albums in my MP3 collection, but a friend has advised me that my naming convention is all wrong. There are two issues that I'm on the fence about, and I need your help.

The first issue involves bands like "The Flaming Lips". I currently file them under "T" for "The". Apparently, I should be listing them as "Flaming Lips, The" and filing them under "F" for "Flaming". At this moment, there are 39 such "The" bands in my collection. Do I alphabetize them as "The Flaming Lips" or "Flaming Lips, The"?

The other issue involves solo artists like "Neil Young". I currently file him under "N" for "Neil". Should I instead by listing him as "Young, Neil" and putting him in "Y"?

I've been dwelling on this all week and I can't make up my mind. Please advise.

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